adult spanking technique

This page contains links to sites on the web likely to be of interest to readers of the Handprints Spanking Art Page. Oct 20,  · A Collection of Adult Spanking Stories and Comics featuring both F/M and M/F Domestic discipline scenarios. Sharing from a previous vanilla wife about her struggle to incorporate spanking and other kinkiness in her marriage; and how it has grown to much more than that. Embryo cloning: This is a medical technique which produces monozygotic (identical) twins or duplicates the process that nature uses to produce twins or triplets. One or more cells are removed from a fertilized embryo and encouraged to develop into one or more duplicate embryos.

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Older children are able to self-reflect and realize why something is wrong. I was asked recently if my spanking fantasies were anything like my real life spankings. Bend your child over your knee.

Four new Riku images. I then turned to Carol and shared with her that it appears to me that Henry is still thinking with the wrong head.

Embryo cloning, adult DNA cloning and therapeutic cloning

Once I thought about it, I realized my fantasies were pretty basic. This involves hitting, pinching, using switch cords, smacking, and etcetera.

adult spanking technique

By that time I was feeling OK about it, and I agreed. Carol and I even confessed that it might be as much fun to lose as to win!

Spanking Den: My First Real Spanking (F/M)

Sadly, it's fiction. Cole, billed as the "Cheapest Child's Picture Book ever published. He said that would be nice, so I told him that I would pick him up at 10 AM for us to go shopping together.

adult spanking technique

Barry finally experienced some relief of his sexual frustration and provided me with multiple orgasms both oral and penetration. Hi everybody. He had a hard time telling me his fantasies, but with the threat of the riding crop being used on his genitals, he managed to share lots of fantasies with me.

Caning on the knuckles or shoulders is much less common. In all fifty states, it is a crime to hit, strike or use corporal punishment in any deliberate manner towards any person over the age of eighteen.

Caning can also be applied to the . The game will take place at Henry's home were we have the benefit of his playroom and extensive amount of equipment. Spanking is the act of repeatedly striking a person's buttocks, with an individual strike called a boroda.orgionally this method of corporal punishment is used as a parenting tool to punish children when they misbehave.

I wrote it to please me, but since I've read so many of your stories and also since there aren't too many F/M stories posted here, I thought I'd post it.

A Spanking Marriage

Surat Pekeliling Iktisas Bil 7: Studies often rely on a person's recall of childhood punishment, fail to separate spanking from other types of corporal punishment that might be more severe and draw what they consider to be overblown correlations with faulty logic.

I was amazed to see that he remained hard through out the entire spanking. Corporal Punishment and Spanking in children - Corporal Punishment and Spanking in children Spanking and the use of Corporal Punishment are the most common forms of punishment used today for younger children.

One new Shigure the 3rd image in Drawings Gallery Not only did he administer a hard , fiery spanking , but then had his wife bend over for six strokes of the cane for added measure.

A Spanking Marriage

Spanking can be done with the palm of the hand or with a suitable implement, on the bare or on the clothed bottom, in a number of spanking . In case it turns out that we can't continue at Wikia, we could look for a new host and if we find one, we could make a relaunch of the wiki. Thirty nine new images in Drawings Gallery Like Beth and the other ladies she opted to be without pantaloons.

Spanking is a common form of corporal punishment involving the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause physical pain, generally with an open hand. We decided to have dinner at our house. Search Our Free Directory Please enter the title keyword: I shortly appeared and began to confront him about his behavior. Once I got to mid thigh, I began to slowly work my way back up, allowing each firm stroke to cover both sides of his bottom.

Beating, sex, and shame in Victorian England and after. Barry and Henry were directed to strip down to their panties. My dad does it, and I don't know what to do.

adult spanking technique

Tell your child that you love them always no matter what. Caning is a form of corporal punishment consisting of a number of hits (known as "strokes" or "cuts") with a single cane usually made of rattan, generally applied to the offender's bare or clothed buttocks (see spanking) or hand(s) (on the palm).

adult spanking technique

But I do feel a need to share that writing this current blog has become very trivial compared to how divided we seem to have become in this country.

Spanking was known to be applied toward children in the Inupiaq tribe of Alaska thousands of years ago to eliminate bad behavior, and has been used in schools in the African nation of Botswana to prevent children from drinking alcohol. OTK and it's sister sites are now fully updated to the latest version of VBulletin so I'm hoping that with a new drive we can get enough for another 4 months.

Not waiting for a response, I went on to explain to Barry what constitutes a true disciplinary spanking… and what he could expect from me in a few minutes. Set these objects on a table or chair off to the side.

Caning - Wikipedia

These actions are considered corporal punishment, and can be defined numerous ways. This is my first spanking story. We eventually retreated back to his sunroom for a glass of wine, which gave us time to discuss what had taken place and our budding relationship.Original stories and poetry written by our members.

There is some evidence that the support for spanking in the United States is slowly fading.

adult spanking technique

Spanking the gray matter out of our kids. It took a while, but once the task was completed, I liberally applied an alcohol based after shave that I found with his shaving gear and then returned to using the paddle again. Corporal Punishment as a Means of Discipline for Children - This paper focuses on the views of corporal punishment as it relates to the discipline of children and why the topic is so controversial.

adult spanking technique

He placed his left hand over the small of her back and raised his right hand high in the air. In a couple episodes there are on screen spankings of clay puppet children.

adult spanking technique

I have never tried to write in a journal or share things about myself, so this is a huge challenge to me. I am so glad that Carol took the time to share the details of the beginning period of her relationship with Henry. The best age for introducing spanking in child discipline is years.

Spanking can lead to relationship violence, study says - CNN

Please forgive my dull writing style. As he waited Clint Darkley was entertained as he took in the sight of his Amazon like wife Laura take on all comers in the thick of the fight. That being said, I have found that determining what type of discipline is effective for each child is as unique as they are.

I then asked him to show me where the pornography is located on his computer and where he keeps his spanking toys. I also wanted to keep this first meeting at a moderate level and made a conscious decision to not make him masturbate. Nonetheless Jane stepped forward and the four women faced off against each other. I suspect that many of you may be wondering what has happened to us.

adult spanking technique

The headmaster took this opportunity to use the ruler on some of the heretofore un-spanked areas of her behind, including the now bare split between her bum cheeks, while remembering not to neglect the spots that had been prominently worked over.

Not surprisingly, Barry very much enjoyed accepting his prize from me since it has been quite some time since I have offered him that treat and Henry attested to the effectiveness of the new paddle.

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